• It is not claimed that a honiojopathic or botanic physician is by his vocation debarred name from such a board, if the Governor found in such a one a proper sanitary officer, but it is claimed that no sect shall thus be allowed to legislate itself into place, and that a bargain, in which four of the old practice and three specialists nominate themselves for place, is a kind of coalition not productive of health interests.

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    Exposure limits are established by regulation and there are no known instances of overexposure in connection with ki waste management. The practical importance of this full knowledge is too obvious to dwell upon.

    Here you lay aside the long words, and use your mind in deep and silent earnestness; drink deep from the eternal fountain of reason, penetrate the forests of that law whose beauties are life and may death.

    Recommendation that a bachelor's degree be conferred at xl a commencement which occurs before the ofiicial release of first-year medical grades.

    The report then discussed at length investigations as to the transmission of bovine tuberculosis to man, mentioning the experimental work recently done in this line (sony).

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