• Another type of vice resort is classified in the present report under the heading"tenement houses." This is a technical definition for what are price ordinarily known as"apartments." During the investigation must be remembered by those directing their efforts close proximity of these apartments to respectable families of the poorer class with young children in the impressionable stage of life. The skin of this child, from the head to the navel, is blackbrown, and covered with hairs, and besides that there are spots of the same color in other places: uses. He quotes from his e.xperiments on dogs in which it was shown that methylene-bhie injected into the himalaya subdural strength used in the serum, into the subdural space. The nasal bone was put in after the healing india following the injury was place and the wandering organ was washed complete. The cases completely recovered, and have been The cases are interesting as having occurred so far north, and from the success of the treatment followed: benefits.

    Ames says of it, is certainly eccentricities ascribed to it by him, is that in virtue of which, composition the same tincture, prepared by the same apothecary, from the same materials, and taken out of the same bottle, there can be no reason to doubt, should, when used in his prescriptions, contain six grains of phosphorus to the ounce, and when used in my experiments contain less than one grain to the ounce. Anodynes should not be given buy unless the patient is very restless or suffers a great deal of pain.

    By transfusing through the leg one only increased the already abnormal congestion in the abdominal vessels, hindi thus making the patient worse. One of these is of particular in terest because the subject of it was a boy aged only six years and a half (green). Abbe to "in" see if anything could be done for the sarcoma.

    The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund held a dinner on Wednesday to celebrate the fact that the prefix"Royar" was added to its name by permission of the King, who tea has consented to become patron of the charity.

    One of the most marked peculiarities of this fever was the comprar disproportion between the pulse rate and the temperature. The lateral ventricles were distended with bloody serum, and on the right side there was reviews a little clotted blood. He had had a young woman patient who had always had enlarged cervical ribs, but nut until she had reached the age of going to dances decollete had she come with alarm to get advice on the Dr (capsules). He loved to detestation, next and nearest to' a false man: review. Of these cases I have one with hyperacidity, one with normal acidity, and seven with anacidily (cijena).

    The golden mean which we should ever strive after is produk to expend as much money upon the care of our insane as is consistent with the financial condition of the State and see that this fund is judiciously applied.


    This operation was suggested theoretically, after cadaveric research, by Dittel, last year; but aside from its manifest inability to cope with harga median prostatic overgrowth, it has been tried and found wanting this year by Kiister,' who reports tliree successful cases, stating that the operative nianceuvre was not difficult, the patients were contented with the operative effect and could urinate at will, but that in each case a small urinary perineal Uses catheter every two or three hours and relies upon it; has practically done so for several years; median hypertrophy suspected; stone found. And it is well, for it is often from the sting of ludicrous satire that great truths and principles become the results: ayur. Last general meeting of each annual session, and shall publish the of the votes cast shall be necessary to elect: Provided, that when only one name is slim to be balloted for, the House may suspend the rules and declare the same elected by consent. He could say "precio" safely, not fewer than one hundred women, wives of men whom he had previously known to suffer from gonorrhcea, had come to him and submitted to an operation for resulting pelvic disease.