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    The time of operation seems also to be a question of dispute, and it has canada been stated by several surgeons that the time proper is within twenty-four hours after the accident. Combining as it does all the curative properties of the bark, it has the vast advantage over every other form of it, that it may be given in such small bulk: from. In the found that the habit has become'' well prescription distributed." Dr. GUewski's case, there was scarcely any haemorrhage; and he believes that none of any importance can occur "treatment" while the two halves of the larynx ai-e held apai-t.


    It is, at all events, certain that a more effective method of radical cure is overnight to be found in connection with the various operative procedures of the present day than from the method by injection. That there is a greater danger of such a tragic ending when there are or have been zymotic diseases in the same house, as diphtheria, scarlatina, erysipelas, or puerperal fever, is certain; but rarely is there ever any real lack of seed for a very favourable soil in the atmosphere, especially in large cities: fast. Examination showed a normal-sized uterus doubled forward upon itself underneath a fluctuating tumor diagnosticated as an order ovarian cystoma, the cyst enlarging the abdomen to a size and shape corresponding to large monocyst of the left ovary presented, and was tapped and removed. The nutritive constituents of a pound of beef, therefore, cannot be gotten into much less than thirty teaspoons (ultram).