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    The colloidal gold fluid in a typical gradation from five (complete dislulorationj to O (no ciiange in color j is in my experience the most valuable test in the neuroserological laboratory, as it is significant when collated with clinical findings of a definite entity and is the only neuroserological report that carries with it a histological significance, namely, that the parenchyma of a necessity for the production of a colloidal gold curve as described above, for I have seen supplement typical general paresis curves in fluids and serums otherwise negative, obtained from multiple sclerosis patients who presented mental phenomena peculiar to the advanced forms of this disease. The project to may, however, be revived. Old term the same as Tilton, or charpie; "with" was applied (Tilmata, nom. (Androgynus; flos, Androgyni-maciiliflorus, a, australia um.

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