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    The near Committee on Human Studies RESTRICTIONS This series contains privacy material.


    A limited examination of the diseases of the army indicates that the largest proportion of those of typhoid type occur with regiments sleeping on rubber blankets, the least with those on straw or boughs; the largest proportion of catarrhal with regiments on wooden floors, the least with those on the ground; the largest of rheumatism with those on wood, the smallest with those on straw or boughs; the largest of malarial with those on the ground, the least with those on straw or get boughs In eighty per cent, of the camps, they are reported to be properly arranged, and kept in proper order, no offensive odor drifting from them. These experiments were directed by a homoeopathic physician, and were made in the wards of a organic hospital, selected by him.

    The adhesion which so easily takes place cannabidiol between juxtaposed serous membranes; the diminution or suspension of the secretion of synovia, and at last the anchylosis connected with the more or less complete immobility of the joints; their rigidity under the influence of a cUminution of atmospheric pressure on high mountains, and the particular accidents that follow penetrating wounds of all the serous cavities, derive their real explanation from the action of the atmospheric pressure upon the serous secretions, and are so many instances in support In this theory, the ingenious editor of the Gazette Medicale has overlooked the important fact, that in order to the formation of any vacuum within a cavity, it is necessary not only that it should be hermetically closed (as the serous cavities certainly are), but that it sliodld possess rigid walls, which they do not.

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