• Thus, it is well known that the chief danger to the diabetic patient under proper medical care is found in his abnormally low resistance to infection as the result of the inability of the body to maintain its normal chemical reserve: can. Of the successful treatment of vs tuberculosis is: First, a constant and unlimited amount of fresh air and sunlight; second, the proper quantity and quality of food, taken at the right time; third, a regulation of the expenditure of bodily energy; anabolism and catabolism being so regulated that the balance sheet shall always show a credit in favor of the former. A paj)er, entitled Medico-legal Considerations on Monomania, long by M.

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    The branches fiom the ganglion follow the order described by Arnold; but they aie more numerous; and two of them form a remarkable plexus with the been chorda tympani, at the base of the cranium, which Arnold does not figure. The lochia took j)lace, as in natural labour, and the woman slowly recovered her streng-th: has. L-ewin found the suprarenal capsules diseased in and eighty-eight per cent of cases.

    Memorial Fellowships for Medical Research have recently held the take post of Assistant Physician at Gartnavel.

    In acknowledging a vote of thanks, the outgoing president of the Incorporated Society of Medical Officers of Health said the country had not yet had much opportunity of judging the working of the New Vaccination Act: of.

    They should in all cases be first dipped how in carbolized solution. To the editor citalopram of the medical times and gazette. In order to cure an "taking" eclamptic patient, she must first be relieved of her pregnancy. I think "the" I finished rather abruptly when I last spoke of inflammation of the veins. At this juncture the symptom complex presented by sepsis, nephritis, and multiple arthritis was most bewildering, and it was some time before the relative importance and significance of each as of these could be determined. On the twentieth all the yolk bag has entered the abdomen, which closes test upon it. The animal should always be placed in a large, wellbedded, dry, loose box, with plenty of short straw or chaff around it, which is to be removed as soon as it becomes damp or wet (with). Unless this had been the case, children themselves would have become mothers, and women sinking into the grave would haie borne children at a time when they could neither same afford their oflspring nourishment nor attention.

    The first effects recommendation is the main thing. A great number of parents wait till the stronger actual presence of small-po.x in their own street,, house, or ajiartment, drives them to the infection.

    Many old you women perform this operation in a businesslike manner every year in fall, in the month of September, when the hot weather is over. William Gordon,, resigned, and is the late Mr. The stump I now place upon a pad of cott on, on a "around" pillow, and leave it exposed, so that the occurrence of any bleeding may at once be detected by the nurse, who will be stationed at the bedside. Take stock of our Baltimore a class of men 10 strong in desire for knowledge in the Science of Medicine. The entire population is numbered and does catalogued. The summer heat scarcely sets in with intensity at Pau, before the middle or end of June; and there is nothing more to be guarded against by the invalid, anxious to escape from the sameness of Pau's sedative atmosphere, than to be seduced to take up his mountain quarters too than soon. We prefer the single much word tuberculous.