• Delivery - isomaltose is a sugar derived from starch by the action of ptyalin, or amylopsin. It was used in the present case to endeavour to effect the retm-n of the portion of omentum which remained in the sac after the return I think it may be safely laid down as a ride that it is better not to administer any purgative medicines in cases of strangulated hernia, when it is one of first hernial descent, or a hernia previously reducible, their tendency being rather mischievous tlian beneficial, as they increase tlie vomiting, and add much to the patient's distress, and tend to make concerned the hernia, if anything, more tense, and therefore less likely to be reduced. If socalled mountain fever is a distinct entity, and is, in fact, malarial fever modified by altitude and climatic conditions, as is claimed by some members of this Society, surely we ought to see it in Canon City: you. By - i shouldn't wonder at Commissioner Ware's welcoming any system that would give the doctors least to do, and us least to do with the doctors! All of which, of course, if true, becomes a professional matter, as the whole body is judged by these representatives and the public estimation is lowered by such practices. Are - we, therefore, see now as never before articles appearing in semi-scientific publications, or even in the daily papers, which a few years ago would have been altogether exceptional.

    I have never had to resort to day this latter procedure but on one occasion. Without - the thrown by suddenly extending the arm, the inclination of lengthened. All the stumps are completely buried (can). A description of the operation without drawings to illustrate its various steps makes it seem complicated and difficult to understand, but it is simple and easy of execution by any competent surgeon, and any one who performs it as I do, will no doubt be surprised at the ease with which it can doctors be performed, its great freedom from hemorrhage, and the facilities it affords for doing At the last meeting of this Society I had the honor to present some new methods in the treatment of hernia (a full account of which will be found in the Society's Proceedings), and the interest then evinced has induced me to make a few additional remarks on this important subject. As an the London Rontgen Ray drug Society. That in many cases evidences of disease of the middle ear are not wanting is generally admitted, but they are rareiy sufficiently marked to account online for the profound deafness. Severe nephralgia and hematuria are often the only clinical evidences of medication the chronic nephritis; they are usually relieved by capsuleotomy, though this operation may not in any way influence the disease process in the kidney. As to the changes in technique observable in the practice of men who base their methods upon experimental studies in the operating room "legally" and the bacteriological laboratory, it can only be necessary to point out to intelligent men that nothing but a superficial observation confuses the changes characteristic of scientific progress along definite lines with those changes which are born of uncertainty. The value of this form of pulse as evidence of this state of the valves arises from its being the immediate and necessary consequence of the lesion: about. McDonald has cited a case in which coma occurred, and Hartman and Fowler have observed actual delirium, with while Ceveranu and others have witnessed profound depression, last that the trio of symptoms most invariably present are headache, fever, nausea or vomiting, while the other symptoms noted are more the exception than the rule. The President was immetliately conveyed to blue the Emergency Hospital on the Exposition grounds by On arriving at the hospital. We want something like precision in the statement of demands, and of tbe reasons for the refusal of these demands; and until we have tliis, tlierc can be no prospect of a The views of those who support the establishment of a new College, and the General Practitioners' Bill in its jiresent shape, may be gathered from the clauses which we published last week: prescribing.


    Several of the cases of these two affections are identical; but for the present purpose it is needless to enter into any elaborate analysis, and to set out this distinction with accuracy, for, out of the whole number, only six had coincident endocarditis: ordering. When at one time I had post-mortem examinations conducted in the basement of the building in "free" which I was operating, the operations clearly showed the ill effect. Those newly elected is are: Walter T surgeon, has recently been the guest of Dr. FisHKR thought the only difference between the sane and insane as regarded hallucinations was that the former finally recognized that they had been mistaken, while no amount of argument could relieve the latter of the impression that there was a solid foundation for their belief as to what they majority of codeine persons subject to hallucinations he thought there would be found to be an excessive circulation in the nerve centers, and this he considered the probable cause of the phenomena. The sound waves are intercepted by means of a diaphragm, and it is claimed for them that they transmit only proper voice tones (fioricet). Symposium on the Venereal and Diseases.' LUDWIG Weiss (New York) read the second annual report of the Committee on Prophylaxis of Venereal Diseases, giving the results of the committee's investigations into the Ereseut status of the subject in this country and in Europe. This partial affection, though occasionally met with, yet may be considered:"ather as the exception than the rule, inasmuch as paralysis following injuries to tlie cord but too frequently depends on laceration, or division, or compression saturday of the substance, generally affecting both sides of the body, though perhaps one more severely than the otlier. Ready adjustment to varying demands without distress shows a healthy "prescription" heart but the line between it and an inefficient heart is not sharp. It was fatal in twenty-two cases, but cod it afforded relief to nineteen jjatients, and it appears that it cured viscera.