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    Think, too, what a missionary of health he can wonld be to others.

    It needs little imagination for doctors to realize the danger to uational "with" health that must follow tlie return to civil life when war is over of soldiers and sailors suffering from venereal disease, possibly in large numbers. Overdose - john McCurdy, member City Board of Health Youngstown,"Cholera: first.

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    The skin is cyanotic and the senses are By percussion little or nothing can be learned by reason of The signs elicited on by auscultation are those of bronchitis, with puffs of crepitant rales when the patient inspires preparatory to cough. On the whole, however, it makes interesting reading to people who are concerned about does this malady which affects a goodly portion of our population. Daring the last fortnight it has been -extensively teated, and the aeoompanying list of operations have been performed with test its aid during' that period, and Extraction of cataract was perfmned oa two men, aged toreepe were uaed.

    Tlie principles of the author in regard to surgical dressings infuse it everywhere, but everywhere it is full of instructive and suggestive ideas, the value of which is intrinsic, and a clear surplusage to whatever may be the value of the more proper interaction line of The present volume is a consolidation of one On the Treatment oj and practical directions how to carry out the method which the author advocates.

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