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    The Fitness & Bodybuilding Workout is great for anyone because you don't have order and then wait for the workout plan to arrive; it is all downloadable and printable right from their website. The Fitness & Bodybuilding Workout also has three different packages, $29.95, $39.95, and $49.95 and each one of these plans come with different features so you can choose the right workout for you.

    The first plan is only $29.95, and it is called the Bodybuilding Workout. In this plan, you will get over 70 different workouts that will help you build muscle mass and definition. This is a great value because you are paying 50 cents a piece for these workouts and you get freebies that include three free e-books and 50 protein smoothie recipes all of these extras are valued around $150.

    The $39.95 plan Fitness Workouts give you over 85 different workouts that will burn calories and build muscle. And just like the other plan, you also get three e-books to help you get six pack abs, a book of recipes, and a book that will give you tips and tricks on how to lose fat, which are sold for around $90.

    The Workout Plans is the best value for your money at $49.95. This plan includes all of the workouts in the other two plans including five e-books and the Smoothie recipes. And now you get a bonus if you also sign up for their newsletter, a free eight week AB workout and an e-book on how to burn fat.



    “I gained 41lbs of rock-solid muscle in 24 weeks.”  – Vince


    “In essence, it's not the measurements alone. BMI, weight, height, waist-hip ratio, etc. It's the proportion that counts. The package! And the package has a face. The package has a personality. That's a bigger thought than being 5’6, 125lb and 34-27-36. Recapture who you are in essence!”  – Kim


    “I think that the shape of the bust and hip have a huge impact when it comes to attractiveness. Some women could have larger hips with flat butts while some women could have a smaller hip line with nice butts, a butt that sticks out is the most attractive no matter how narrow her hipline. But actually it's all about how a person carry herself and yet the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder always wins. It really depends on a person's body preference. People have different taste and likes.”  – Kenroz



    No wait for your workout it is available for you as soon as you purchase it and it is easy to follow.



    Since it is not a video, the people doing the workouts have to motivate themselves to do the workout on their own, and they have to purchase the weights.



    The Fitness & Bodybuilding Workouts are simple to do, and you have access to them instantly so you can start to get into shape within the first hour after purchase.

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