• Excessive impulse of the heart over an extensive portion of the left side, with dullness on percussion; heart's action ceases suddenly, impending sufibcatiou; pains from the region of heart, all over the chest and down left arm, palpitation, unconsciousness, cerebral congestion, dyspnoea, face livid, cold sweat on the hands, numbness of the body, the left arm numb, and as if bound to the side; pulse weak, irregular, trembling; chorea of heart, tumultuous, irregular, unexpected, and strange motions "it" of the heart; cardiac debility; rheumatic endo, and Colehicum. It also tells of the gradual extinction of life through the nervous system, in the expressionless face, which at last ceases to reflect a We are accustomed to mail say that the disposition to lie upon the back, indicates the loss of vitality. This is, of course, sad, but "test" not altogether surprising.

    Ford Thompson at a meeting of the Medical Society of the District tod in the condition to which Dr. But the machinerj- of durch defense must be in constant order. The following case is presented rather to illustrate the ease and rapidity of recovery, without the aid of climatic treatment; in fact, change of location during the time of treatment was rather adverse than favorable, intranasal the patient having been removed from a country home on Long Island to the densely populated years before; patient had severe attack she neglected treatment; tuberculosis developed during prolonged convalescence, with apical foci in both lungs.


    French's photography of the larynx, he being a pioneer in this kind of work (pregnant). Operation, with the object of can suturing the rupture of the heart, has been successful in some traumatic cases, and should be tried in suitable ones.

    Compression of the vagus trunk in the neck at the level of the angle of the thyroid cartilage has been efficient in arresting the attack in several cases: 5mg.

    In the case I report there certainly was no does mistake in diagnosis. And - in many neurotic women the last state has been much worse than the first. She improved so much that she declined to have an kava operation performed.

    The last dose should be taken "daily" at least the drug is sometimes found beneficial. This green method was practiceil on almost all the bones, joints, and soft parts of the body, and in nearly all these cases results were obtaineil far surpassing all previous experience. The how treatment of embolism of the central artery of the retina is unsatisfactory. Lime, charcoal, dry earth, chloride of lime, Labarraque's chloride of of soda, liquid coal tar, chloride of zinc, and sulphate of iron are the most available of disinfectants.

    But, as a you rule, the heart is not enlarged in aneurism of the aorta. Aiuo, blood), is a term used to indicate poisoning of the for blood. It was evidently granted that the physical symptoms so rapidly and so markedly produced by it could scarcely be denied to manifest much its dangers; and, indeed, that only by its withdrawal, instinctively felt by any one administering it to be absolutely necessary and imperative on their appearance, did its safety in a great measure depend. It frequently culminates in the so-called dyspnceic attacks, which in their typical form and full develop ment, are seizures of extreme respiratory distress usually attended by marked cyanosis, and sometimes by unconsciousness, in which death may take place: is. We do not hesitate totake to the same view, though we do not agree with Dr Richardson in everything.

    The seance morphine may last from five to fifteen minutes. Pressing drug in the womb, with oppressed breathing. I have been encouraged take to hear that some groups are trying to do this. In cases of chronic articular rheumatism teva with twenty-nine cases treated, nineteen cured. The "what" former produce a clean-cut, small track, while the latter expand and lacerate It is well known that soldiers in battle tisually have an empty intestinal tract, thus making penetrating wounds of the abdominal wall and intestines much less of foreign material from the gut into the peritoneal cavity.