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    He thought it important, also, not to make the upper arm of a lever pessary too long or too highly curved, lu his own experience the chief injuries had come from over-long and over-highly curved arms of lever Anterior displacements, in his opinion, also very As regards the abuse of pessaries, he thought that a great many of the jiervous troubles of women w hich arose in single women or widows from ungratified sexual last desire primarily, were often rendered very much prominent in his mind from having seen two or three cases in the last six mouths in which neurotic women had been maltreated by the use of pessaries, which they confessed themselves kei)t them in a state of continual excitement; and he thought every one should estimate the nervous system of a woman in that respect before he inserted a pessary, though he thought such a result was due to the insertion of a too large pessary, and would not follow the use of a properly fitting Dit. Already many hogs have been condemned, though only a small portion of the daily output is submitted to description such examination. All the latest observations in the realm of bacteriology are given with great completeness; the bacteriological and microscopical techniques are treated of with the greatest care of and attention to minute The press-work is excellent, and the illustrations, many of which are colored, are carefully drawn and clear. Effects - i confess to being deeply impressed by the evidence put before us by Professor Huxley, and I am ready to adopt, as an article of scientific faith, true through all space and through all time, that life proceeds from life, and from nothing but life. J., were closed for a time in order to allow the population to attend the funeral of" Aunt" Mary Hutclier, who died u cause few days before at the age of ono hundred and lour.

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