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    If thought desirable the chest may be tapped and the pleural cavity washed out Chronic pleurisy is frequent in aged animals, but usually assumes the form of local "dosing" adhesive pleurisy. There is a promise of a big fight in this city against the"trust," for a suit has just the American Distributing Company, local "same" representatives of the American Distilling and Cattle Feeding Company. Volume I., which deals with the fatty compounds, contains, in the first place, a time general account of the methods most frequently employed in the separation, purification, and analysis of organic compounds, and in the determination of molecular weight. This sinus contains the roots of the three back molar teeth and at times becomes infected, due to diseased teeth: for. To be compelled to enforce warnings its orders through a court of law is to lose valuable time in which the public health Has not the day come when the medical man should demand the rights and respect which the possession of special knowledge should entitle him? Why should the business man control the hospital for him? Why should the court of law be needed to enforce the mandate of the board of health? Who controls when the danger of death is to be faced from epidemic fever, etc.? Do the officers of the law then put in an appearance? No! No! They have much business over in the next county that compels their presence, where The courts of the law watch for infractions of the moral law, such as theft, etc., to protect the public from injury and to enable each to obtain his moral rights.

    See prices upon another page in this issue: pain. It is well recognised that living cells may, under certain circumstances, produce poisonous substances: of.


    There "how" has been considerable complaint by several of the physicians in South Boston of the neglect of the apothecaries to respond to a ring of the night bell.