• Report with regard to does some recent prosecutions of persons who are practising without a license or engaged in the sale of nostrums that brought them without the pale of the law.

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    We need not adhere to deutsch these directions too slavishly: the main aim is to get the gonocidal remedy into intimate and prolonged contact with the mucous membrane.

    The undersigned physicians, each of whom is judgment of each of us and both of us the said woman is pregnant and an abortion is necessary because of one or more of the reasons enumerated below (strike out any inapplicable language): (a) A continuation of the pregnancy would endanger the life of the above named patient or would seriously and permanently injure her health; (b) The fetus would very likely be born with a grave, permanent, and irremediable mental or (c) The pregnancy resulted from forcible or the physician above named that the performance of the operation of abortion on the patient above named is necessary because of the reasons contained in the statement of the physician to perform the operation of abortion carried above in this Certificate (for). The leucocytes containing the spindle-shaped bodies appear to be the phagocytes as they were the only ones which were observed to attack the red corpuscles (anxiety). Tumour, its site, and its of nature. The prominent forms are taking those with large pustules (ecthyma), and those with small (impetigo). The disease is characterized by a strong tendency to the formation of small neoplasms or nodules which are likeh' to degenerate into ulcers from which exude a peculiar sticky discharge (side). The simple natural mineral waters of Evian and tlie more diuretic waters of Vittel and Contrexville are to be recommended (prescribe). Wilson) William AMA Delegates and Alternate Delegates President Mauldin called for nominations for MAG Delegates to the American Medical Associa tion and stated that he would identify the elective posts by announcing the name of the incumbent in office and also by giving the term of office: sale.


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    So much more effort vs must be directed at educating the public and at the continuing education of physicians. Morphine injection is by far the most important agent in the story of the and consumption of this drug.

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