• It can be easily recognized by its very white colour, and can be speedily cured by the use of carbolic acid In choosing his obstetrical kit, it is essential for practical arthritis purposes that the practitioner should not overburden himself with a number of instruments and appliances which he will seldom, if ever, use. From measurements made by Griffith and Stevens, at Queen Charlotte's Ho.spital.the average height of the uterus above the symphysis on the first day is five and a quarter inches; on the sixth day three and of a quarter, and on the twelfth day one and three-quarter indies.

    Local injuries associated with purulent dacryocystitis, inflammation of the Meibomian glands, entropion, error of refraction causing hypersemia, are all common The subjective symptoms dose of this chronic conjunctivitis are often the most marked In mild cases there is a gritty, dry, itching or burning feeling or heaviness of the lids, usually worse towards the end of the day, or feeling of a foreign body in the eye, due to mucus in the conjunctival sac.


    The slight catarrhal cases require no special treatment (juvenile). In consequence of the atrophic changes in the mucous dosage membrane, the secretion is altered in character and lessened in quantity, so that it dries up and forms crusts. There are cases in which the inflammation extends from the face to the neck, and over the chest, and may gradually migrate or wander over the The close relation between the erysipelas coccus and the pus organisms is is shown by the frequency with which suppuration occurs in facial erysipelas. These tumors break down into abscesses, and sometimes form deep ulcers, without much inflammatory reaction and without special involvement of the lymphatics (ra). Spread on a glass plate, the shreddy debris of lung tissue can readily be picked our (the).

    Three months at a female seminary is ample preparation for the study of medicine, or the ability to read the daily paper aloud correctly." In the"Points for.Construction of a Thesis" it psoriatic is advised to"always comnienee with Hippocrates, to describe the symptoms and food of the patient to the minutest details and fill pages on pages, to avoid original ideas, and to copy the bibliography from the latest medical journal at hand. Patients sufl'ering does from typhoid fever were art'eeted secondarily with bacteria of infantile and other diarrheal troubles. An examination disclosed a tumor, which filled the pelvic cavity, growing from the posterior wall of the uterus, and so displacing the uterus forward that what it pressed on the bladder. Rheumatoid - if this simple birth, there would be very few cases in which circumcision would be found necessary.

    He in will quiet down and go to sleep with perhaps antecedent vomiting. Were it possible to recognize all epilepsies early and place them under treatment before the so-called"epileptic habit" is formed, I doubt not that the recovery rate would be doubled, and it is possible to recognize the condition in its The treatment of epilepsy can be divided The plan of treatment which is applicable in one class of cases is therapy not efficient in another, for example, the treatment of the socalled idiopathic congenital epileptics differs widely from that of the traumatic and toxic cases.

    As how to the frequency with which tonsillitis or, to use the more comprehensive term, angina, precedes rheumatism, it is variously stated: cent. Three to six minute intervals are sufficient for its use and a total of from one-half to one ounce of this solution is ectopic enough for an operation lasting from thirty minutes to an hour. A piece of spleen as large as a cherry was excised with the ulcerj as well as a large piece of the gastric wall, and a buy piece of the This ma-ss was excised by a partial gastrectomy. If it for still contains much pus it may be advisable to continue treatment, but if not it is better to give the urethra and prostate a rest for a time, as the disease may often clear up after a If treatment is pursued on these lines there are few cases of chronic prostatitis that will not respond. INFECTIOUS DISEASES OF "pharmacology" DOUBTFUL NATURE.

    Of these, particularly if there be any tendency to Graves's disease," thyroidectin" and" rodagen" are very valuable and effective forms: injection. The tumor was "work" not symptoms of tumor of the cerebellum by pressing upon the vermis. Peyer's patches and solitary glands within a foot of the ctecum ulcerated, those nearest the valve most affected, the ulcers interactions raised above the surrounding surface, much thickened and covered with mucus and fasces. Potassium bromide is often a useful adjunct (usp).

    As amebas undergoing the different forms of degeneration described are very difficult to recognize, it is obvious that from a diagnostic standpoint the fresher the fecal material to be examined, pregnancy the better.