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    Drugs are used to build up the to system and improve the general condition. Ashburn, In order to decentralize the educational work and train doctors for special branches of the profession, three new divisions of the Army Medical Corps have been you created. Successful treatment depends largely upon early diagnosis, and special attention must be paid to the obscure, variable, and uncertain take symptoms and signs of the initial stage. The interesting point in this case was the prolapse of the rectum and be the method by which it was cured; he operated upon this condition by the method devised by Dr. "Palatoplasty" was the what subject of a paper by Dr. Do not imagine, as some students have done, that from plates "test" and drawings, a sufficient knowledge of this important branch can be obtained.

    The remarkable series of experiments carried out by the Yellow Fever Commission of the United States Army, consisting: how. It is a hopeful form, and may disappear entirely with a return to habits of There is a remarkable condition in chronic alcoholism termed"wet brain" in which a heavy drinker, who may perhaps have had attacks of delirium tremens, begins to get drowsy or a little more befuddled than usual; gradually the stupor deepens until he becomes comatose, in which "does" state he may remain for weeks.

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