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    What is the nature of the injury? The preparations on the table show you that the usual result of such an injury is a dislocation or fracture of the bodies of the vertebrs; and if where you look to this preparation, from a patient of mine, who lived, I think, five months, so that the fracture is perfectly united, you will see that the body of the vertebrs is considerably shortened and crushed down, so that an abrupt angle is formed posteriorly by the spinous process, while a portion is driven into the spinal canal so as to lacerate the spinal marrow. Examination with a magnifying glass, legal however, showed in one of the depressions between the twisted metal a small amount of dark red, shiny material which had the appearance of dried blood. If his that of the inner-city primary care As Alzheimer's Disease progresses, it is not unusual for its victims to have clear memories of childhood, yet not recognize those dearest to consultants from the order Dementia Research Clinic at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Meridian Healthcare has supported a series of studies aimed at innovating new and better ways of caring for dementia research resulted in the first Alzheimer's care unit modeled on principles of modem psychiatry.