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    Paroxysms, without the whoop, expectoration canada or vomiting. The other causes which might produce the sign under consideration, are the existence of a foreign body in one bronchus, and a partial emphysema; but, notwithstanding that the sign of inequality of respiration, without dulness of sound to account for it, may arise from these several causes; it is yet plain that its existence in any suspected case of aneurism of the aorta, will be an important circumstance, and that in any case where it does occur, we must, in seeking for its explanation, take the possibility of aneurism into consideration; and let it be recollected, that of all the causes competent for its production, this is the most frequent: will. Thus, if in the erect posture, the most favourable for the transmission of blood in the arteries, and most unfavourable for the veins, the heart contract eighty times a minute, and in the horizontal or inverted position, the most favourable for the return of the venous blood, and unfavourable for the arterial, it beat only sixty times, I conclude that the resistance opposed by the veins is one-fourth greater than that offered by the arteries: test. Acceptance into the National Association of Blue Shield Plans was standards of organization if and operation set up by the national association, Castellucci said. This happened while the patient was returning home in her car: working.