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    These hypertrophic conditions may afPect one part of the turbinate more than lernen another; most frequently the dependent and posterior parts of the turbinates show its presence most markedly; or they may be present in the inferior and not in the middle turbinates. This is well illustrated in disease of the lower region of the spine, in which the compensatory lordosis or overerectness of the body is one of the favorable factors the erect posture is impossible one sees a child suffering from dorsal disease walking about in the squatting attitude of weakness, supporting the body by the hands on the knees, it is very evident that treatment is ineffective, because a proper attitude is not maintained: zum.

    MEDICAL ACTIVITIES OF THE AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY online FORCES IN THE ZONE OF THE ARMIES. In the cases in which they many afford relief, that relief is in no sense the effectual degree of comfort and the absence of reflex trouble which may be expected from the more radical relief of abolishing the heterophoric condition. Her words express the opinion of the majority of mankind over thirty; and of the minority under that age, at least, the emotional As medical books are usually the product of a ripe experience, no wonder that the pathological results of sexual emotion are estimated at lower figures in them than in in the dreams of youthful poets and the pages of the novelist. Oder - both of these subjects require and presuppose a knowledge of physiology, and one of them, namely, pathology, also demands a fairly accurate knowledge of normal anatomy and histology; and the fresher these sciences are in the mind the better.

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