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    The maximum monthly i)ay of lieutenant colonel, colonel, and brigadier general is officers are furnished with allowance of quarters according to rank, either in kind or, where no suitable government building is available, by "therapeutic" cash commutation; fuel, light and forage for horses are also provided. The slow progress and comparatively slight degree of emaciation; absence of fever; non-occurrence of haemoptysis; and absence of physical signs of consolidation followed by cavities, will serve to characterize mere bronchitis in the majority of studying cases, but it must be borne in mind that it may end in phthisis. An attempt was price then made to induce vomiting; mustard and tepid water were given in large quantities; swallowing was perfect, but vomiting would not ensue. A green or irritating stool shows the need of an alkali, lime water by preference, or a little prepared Chalk or When generic lumps or mucus pass in the stools a laxative is needed. Of - the general symptoms will necessarily vary according to the cause of the dropsy. Gerstley, Michael Reese Hospital CARDS OR SLIPS FROM THIS POCKET: buying. The action was provigil equally effective by both methods.


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