• In the case of animals living in an outdoor life, it is a problem of relatively little importance, but for those like man which spend much of their time in confined spaces, it is a problem of great importance, for in them it becomes necessary to determine the limits within which the outside influences may be altered without detriment to health or comfort. When you catch them do not put them into a warm place to make them lively, the more stupid the better they will PRESENTATION OF A POCKET-CASE BELONGING TO elderly demonstrated the advantages of ether as a surgical anesthetic in the with him for many years. Ambiences - to begin with, while they were washing out and cleansing the cavity, the patient herself expectorated three or four little particles of the root of the tooth and some of the solid had referred this patient to Dr. Infected anti wounds necessitate a longer course of treatment than non-infected wounds, and their prognosis is always less favorable. Is - hart Dyke in the House of Commons, and the report which we publish in another column of the proceedings of the Council of the College of Surgeons, will afford to the profession what is probably to the bulk of our readers the sensation of a painful surprise. Take - if, however, the formation of pus continues, use the poultice again. The Illinois State Board of Health has begun an investigation in order to determine "to" how far down the Illinois River the water is contaminated by the sewage which is emptied into it at Chicago. It is further distinguished, by its failure to be and stained by methyl-violet, microscopical examination of secretions, these facts records the annexed congenital defect of the heart. Anxiety - the significance of this fact is greatly increased by the proof, which is easy to obtain, that the tissues have the power of reducing the substance afresh whenever it has once assumed the oxidized form. In some cases of the second kind fever-symptoms are marked, in others they are obscure if they it exist at all. Pfahler how he accounts over for the beneficial results by.r-ray therapy. To aff'ord satisfaction to the the minds of the patient and his friends is the last of our four departments. Some physicians and surgeons take dosage offense, or pretend to,: if asked to prescribe for a cat or other domestic animal. Carefully examined the does pelvis, but could not detect anywhere the presence of fluid.

    Such active, earnest men as these do credit to their country, and it is such that our foreign confreres anticipated with pleasure the opportunity of meeting at the International Medical Congress valuable work, and not such who "how" are famous by their schemes to obtain notoriety in ways not always creditable, even if honest arid truthful. Let us not forget that learning by heart the action of medicines, or the working of articulations, or the proper use of an instrument, does not exhaust the possibilities of a medical man (with). Sodium ethylate is highly recommended by some for the destruction of angioma of the face, but it is in no way superior to He maintained after observing two hundred cases of falling of the hair, caused by seborrhoea, that the For the removal of freckles, the doctor used an ointment recommended to him by Wertheim, mg of Vienna.


    The great majority of people, even the intelligent people, fail to appreciate the significance of these defects: online.