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    After leaving the hospital the ulcer again extended, and she returned in May of the present year for edge further treatment. It is "us" singular how men who leave a name are often signalised and specialised by some one particular word or saying, perhaps rightly belonging to them, perhaps not. At the time of the operation, which was done for the removal of two pelvic tumors, it was found that the removal of the larger growth was very difficult on account of extensive adhesions (euphoria). The sponge should not be used for applying glycozone or glycerine "better" in any form, as this makes the sponge corticous and brittle.

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    Lastly, to John Stephan de Calcar, whose portrait of Vesalius is one of the treasures of the Royal College of Physicians, who was so matchless a pupil for of Titian that the works'of master and pupil are apt to be confounded, and who certainly drew the Tabulae Anatomicae, because his name is on them, has been assigned the distinction.