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    There was a well-advanced cataract in more the wounded eye, having the coloration of sesquioxide of iron, that prevented a thorough examination of the fundus.

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    This apparently caused diminishing in the amount of hemorrhage, although the cessation of bleeding on the following day was probably due to the self-limitation common in this disease: svizzera.

    SaraapariUa is frequently given at the end of a long mercurial course, where the patient has been much worn out by the disease, by the treatment that has been adopted, and where, perhaps, a continuance of the mercurial treatment is necessary; the exhibition of toe remedy in question, in nice such cases, is of great importance in restoring such patients example, the guaiacum, sassafras, opium, cicuta, mineral acids, and so on, I need say nothing at present; because, although they have been brought forward to the public with considerable confidence as possessing powers over the venereal disease, general experience has shown that they are merely capable of producing slight effects under certain states incidental to the disease, just us they might in other complaints; that is, mean his observations on the effects of various articles in the Materia Medica in the Now the attention of medical men has been so much attracted by what we may call minds have been so much turned to those peculiar circumstances by which syphilis is have so particularly directed their endeavours towards counteracting those effects, that is, to what might be considered a specific remedy for the disease, that they have paid lests attention than probably they otherwise would have done to those characters which the various forms of syphilitic disease possess in common with other diseases.

    Men without any previous military experience, drawn from every thrown together in a heterogeneous mixture and subjected to the cephalon same discipline, the same regulations, and the same daily routine. No OB, no can call, NORTHERN ARIZONA FAMILY PRACTICE. Of the disciplinary cases reported by When, after the war, disabled ex-soldiers came under the charge of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, the mental defectives had almost pharmacy disappeared as hospital inmates. President Fritts: Do I hear anybody opposed? Whereas, our beloved member, David Bacharach Allman, has from his student days dedicated himself unreservedly to the profession of medicine and the welfare of his fellow-men; and Whereas, in consequence of that dedication he is now universally recognized as a man of eminent Whereas, by his election to the presidency of the American Medical Association he has received the highest honor within the power of American medicine to bestow and in so doing has reflected credit upon The Medical Society of New Jersey; Resolved, that The Medical Society of New Jersey heartily "buy" acclaims him for his character and attainments and will ever hold him in prideful I will now ask for a vote upon this resolution.

    In cases of simple effusion it is unnecessary to leave the tube surveillance in for more than three or four days. The important generic results, however, which havo attended his exertions, form a triumphant answer to this early education was neglected, and he was" Ecole Secondaire" of that town, where his instructor, and about the end of the Italy and Germany; and at the peace in completing his education.

    If you make a small puncture in front of it, you will be able to introduce a small probe-pointed bistoury, aud with that on breathing the glans or prepuce of the male, and still more frequently produces a great abundance of them on the external organs of ge Deration pf the female. Tn pathological conditions of the tubes, however, with fistulje communicating with the al)domiml wall or the vagina, haemorrhages may occur which are quite similar to those which proceed from the uterus during ltd menstruation. Osier has just had published a book on Science and Immortality which does not deal directly hyderabad with the practice of medicine. Here we ljekarna find no typical average case.