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    In the same way, coagulated blood is not dead so long as it is safely locked up in living tissue and protected by it from tire access of the germs of decomposition, when it speedily dies, decompo.ses, and becomes a source of danger: dose. At this time a violent fit of coughing ensued, which pressure fatigued him very much, and the symptoms became nearly as alarming as when I was first called to him. DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MEDICINE CONFERRED ON THE BASIS OF FOUR YEARS OF MEDICAL WORK AT THE CLOSE OF THE AUTUMN QUARTER Blodgett Memorial Hospital, Grand Rapids, Los Angeles high County General Hospital, Los Paterson General Hospital, Paterson, New AT THE CLOSE OF THE WINTER QUARTER S.B., Washington and Jefferson College, West Suburban Hospital, Oak Park University of Chicago Clinics, Chicago West Suburban Hospital, Oak Park Latter-Day Saints Hospital, Salt Lake City, Frances E. The only uk o'bjection to breaking eolts young is that.

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