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    These findings indicate that the spleen was the primary double site of the lymphomatous process. Bacteria, as you know, are vegetable fungi, but apart from morphologic differences the family of the schyzomycetes possess properties which make them from a biologic point of view of infinitely greater importance than the hyphomycetes and other fungi of which I have previously spoken: bicycle. At various times since our active immunization, patients have reported with sore throats, cases were given the Schick test and were found to be negative and recovered without the use of antitoxin (carisoprodol).

    Louisiana - dubois, a missionary at Sattimungalum, says that its annual endemic prevalence in the Carnatic villages is in December, January, and February, during which time more than half the inhabitants are affected. White quotes the resident Governor of Molokai, a talented lawyer who voluntarily exiled himself tyres thither on discovering himself to be a leper as declaring that all who doubt that the disease is contagious are dreamers. I mention this only to emphasize the necessity of the greatest care in the diagnosis of georgia syphilitic skin lesions.

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