• Blue - silver wire properly applied becomes encysted and does not act as a foreign body.

    We confess that "rate" we are not clear what the fissure designated in it as the parieto-occipital may really be, but we know that it is not what it is said to be, as the real one is just behind it.

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    While traction is made on that thread, pulling the sac into the ring, so that its distal extremity is furthest backward and upward, the conjoined tendon is pierced by a ligature, so as to leave a loop inside; the lower end of that stitch is then carried through Poupart's ligament from within outward, the upper of end through the transversalis, internal and external oblique muscles.

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    CALE'NDULA, so called quod singulia calei: The leaves have more virtue than the flowers, their expressed juice dosage contains most of their pungent matter: it is thought to be aperient, and to promote the secretions in general. Another group cost of cases which he reports is formed by nine instances of chronic hyperacidity, there being no evidence of hypersecretion or of ulcer.