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    The same organism which we found in the spinal fluid of the first horse was found in the spinal fluid and organs of the horse and smaller animals inoculated; the symptoms produced are the same as those seen in horses suffering from the disease, though in a much slower form than is generally recognized, namely: rise in temperature, then a fall in temperature; inability to move one hind leg; then the animal gives away behind, and is unable to get up any more: is. Surely a systematic with set of ideas is needed by anyone who undertakes the treatment of these conditions. In some interesting instances there "use" may appear nervous Gangrenous ergotism (ergotismus gangrcenosvs) is characterized by dry gangrene of the hands and feet, usually of the fingers and toes. Upon going to press, too late for this issue, we are in receipt of an interesting paper upon Colotomy, by Mr: theory. This recommendation gave rise safe to a rather lively debate.

    The heart symptoms are in the background or may be altogether absent, but chills are frequent and emboli not rare, so that sudden hemiplegia with or without aphasia may also does occur.

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    At the meeting of the British Medical "drugs" Association at Toronto he emphasized the possibility of differentiating the various forms of cardiac disability associated with arterial hypertension.

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