• In some instances, however, the cause is so apparent that it can be taken fully into account, as in the over-heated air of some mills and factories and get of mines. Davies, si John Lloyd, Newport, Monmouth. Lifebuoy should be used freely whereever soap is used in the sick room, because it combines the qualities of a high-grade times toilet soap, an antiseptic and a germicide.

    After recovery Lorn blackwater fever the patients not rarely remain free from malana for weeks or even months without taking effet quinine.

    Chiilk, Charles Launder, and Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. A gradual onset of symptoms in embolism may occur, owing to the impaction of a small embolus, which afterwards leads to considerable thrombosis: valium. The patient is now placed in bed, the directions are given for a soft diet, use and a spray of the iced antiseptic solution in the nose and throat is used once every two hours.


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    In cardiac and respiratory embarrassment, when compression of the arm below the shoulder produces marked distention of the veins below (forearm and elbow), and when heart drugs fail to stimulate the lagging heart muscle, the unloading of the heart or embarrassed circulation alcohol by venesection is indicated.