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    Doctor’s - the deterioration of the fluids which results in ordinary cases of ameaorrhoea and chlorosis, may not generally be sufficiently extreme to give rise to organic disease of any portion of the vascular system, but it is evident that, in extreme instances of this condition, where protracted suspension of an important excretory function has given rise to a state of extreme cachexia, attended with a highly morbid state of the vital fluid, there certainly does exist a marked tendency to the spontaneous development of acute and subacute forms of inflammation in various parts of the body, and more especially in the structures of the blood-vessel system. Tongue moist, slightly "rx" coated with a whitish mucus, and rather pale. Perforating wounds of the orbit, although involving serious injury to the brain, are of course not necessarily order fatal. They are very rare "er" exceptions. A Guide' and to the Di saturday nent Consumption, etc., Edinburgh, and Alexander Goodall, M I diseases of the blood.