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    Those fed upon cooked meat all died in from one to five months, the autopsy showing general tuberculosis with marked in fatty degeneration of the liver. The capillaries of a great part of the body are found to be gorged with particles of living matter, for the most part descended from the colourless blood corpuscles, while the masses of bioplasm of the neighbouring tissues have increased to twice their normal size." If this be true, and there is no reason to doubt its correctness, and if it be a fact that particles of living matter escaped from the body of one animal are capable of reproducing themselves, and during that process cause similar pathological changes in the body of another animal to which they have gained access, we can understand how a disease, when virulent, may become contagious, that when mild may not be so (buy). For test gallstones and found the liver displaced downwards and inwards to a considerable extent. Insurance Fees and Lodge Practice going on in side regard to life insurance examination fees.