• After removmg twenty ounces of bile with the aspirator, the gall-bladder how was incised, and three large stones and several small ones were removed without difficulty. She could eat a large "of" pickle that had been soaked in vinegar, without the slightest pain. I think it highly desiraljle that a young man intending to be a i)hysician sliould learn enougli of the art of drawing to enable him to note distinctly any jieculiarity of form of the body, or of its organs; and if he can copy shades of color, so much the better; in part because he thus learns also to observe closely and accurately, in part because it is a powerful aid to his memory, and as a means of explanation; but I do not think it neces.sary that he shall be qualified to lecture ex cathedra, and without previous preparation, upon iv any nudical subject selected at random, in the style that would be expected of an experienced professor. The participating medical equivalent groups retain ownership of their medical office space and equipment and continue to employ administrative and medical support staff.


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