• If the patient is not completely paralyzed below the level of the injury when first seen or if under observation the paralysis becomes more marked or if the level of paralysis rises, laminectomy should be performed: take. In the six instances followed to the end of the reaction, the reaction occupied from one and a half to long three and a half hours. Only two of the parents with normal or neurotic children is scored above the median, while those with borderline offspring were equally distributed above and below. Our studies do not give strictly comparable data, for only three of the diabetics rcccivd derangement of carbohydrate metabolism, illustrate strikingly tht change in the diabetic reaction as contrasted with the normal: when. Often after the fifth or sixth year one notices a slight diminution of resonance over the right apex, anteriorly and posteriorly, which does not necessarily indicate "drinking" any underlying pulmonary disease.

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    Up - similarly, it is hardly conceivable that disease of this type in the lungs should progress to the stage of producing such extreme symptoms without considerable increase in the pulse and respiration rate. This would lead one to think that the heart is beating irregularly because some of the beats are apparently missed: phenobarbital. In de the cardiorenal cases, on the other hand, dyspnea was one of the prominent symptoms, and the vital capacity was usually decreased in proportion to the intensity of the dyspnea. The feature is noticeable when the organ is exposed by operation in the loin: injection. M., Gen Greenville THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE can STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Beavers, J. From a coverslip or slide preparation alone, I better believe I voice the judgment of all laboratory workers of today when I say that it is impossible. Case presents an interesting between study of digitalis action in circulatory embarrassment. American HomePatient do equipment, and respiratory and infusion therapy.