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    The skin discoloration take begins at those areas of the surface of the body usually exposed to light, the changes being very gradual, from a grayish-brown even to coppercolor. Skies - a great many instances supporting this view are to be found in the literature. And - about lull time allowed foi' it having elapsed, the discBssion then PROftNOSis IX Caedio- Vascular Affections. Tlic right ankle also became alfected (taking). Peter's School,"iorli, to the list of institutions recognized for instruction m chemistry aud phvsics, aud of the Perse School for Girls, Cambridge, tor addition of the University of Texas to the list of institutions whose graduates in medicine are admissible to the i?inal K.xamination of the Examining Board in England under paragraph IV, Section III, of together the Regulations. That the irritability of the brain is vs profoundly modified by the state of sensitization was early made clear in our experiments.

    The officinal character of each substance is stated, and if any what unofficinal drug is mentioned its natural order and physical appearance is given in detail. The whole arm perhaps in such a to case was paralyzed to begin with; then the strong group of flexors recovered; later the extensors.

    It would of be well for us to look carefully at both sides of the question, and in case of necessity to demand further legislation, not for any repeal of the great advantage which we have apparently gained, but to give our own manufacturers the opportunity of full and free competition. Four hundred years later Celsus Xow the principal object to be attended to by a physician is to know what cases are incurable, what are diriioult, ami what more easy, for it is tbe duty of a prudent man not to undertake a case which he cannot cure, nor to subject himself to the imputation of having destroyed a patient wlio was destined to Nearly two centuries later Galen gave similar counsel (you). The main object get was to determine the frequency of endemic goiter in men coming to Camp Lewis. For - on the Influenza Epidemic at Bramshott iu September and October," Sir Wilmot Herringiiaui: Special Clinical and Scientific Meeting EFFICIENT TREATMENT OF THE CHRONIC RUNNING EAR.


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