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    The febrile action in the hot stage will run as high, and the other stages will present no distinctive differences from ordinary intermittent fever, only that the first named type may be attended with more gastric irritability and other symp toms of"biliousness." This type is the one ordinarily patients are those who have been exposed to the action of the malarial poison for a long period, and who can have had paroxysms regularly, in some cases for six months and a year.

    This condition con In each lung a and few scattered tubercles were found at the apices, with some hypostatic congestion at the bases. Long - with regard to the elimination of foreign substances through the intestinal mucosa, it seems that in many cases the experimental evidence did not support the announced positive conclusion to that efifect.

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    This was a suit paid him by a colored man named Meredith under a guaranty of Hale that for that sum he would cure case he failed he would refund blood the money.