• That is to say, that when man has reached his zenith and is beginning to decline, when the best he is capable of doing has been done and when he begins to reap the fruits of his labours, take the incidence of cancer sets in.

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    In the latter, accumulations of feces of old date are not at all rare, in fact, there are very few adults where they may not be can met with. "We reviewed the first volume of this work, and said:' It is undoubtedly one of the best text-books on the practice of medicine which we possess.' A consideration of the second and last volume with leads us to modify that verdict and to say that the completed work is, in our opinion, the best of its kind it has ever been our fortune to see.


    The urine is scanty; sometimes only you eight or ten ounces are passed in the day. The - in all cases the urine must be examined for sugar, since diabetes is one of the most frequent causes of pruritus. A distinct pics stratum granulosum and stratum corneum is present and in one focus there is keratinization of the lining epithelium. The varying features presented in different epidemics of typhoid, the comparative frequency of thrombosis and muco-colitis, and the profuseness of the eruption, in South Africa for instance, are much also in favour of such a theory.

    It begins with a chill followed by fever, often after exposure to cold, with pain in the side, cough, dyspnea, mucous and rusty sputum, impairment of resonance, bronchial of the whole or a part of a lung, which may be an upper or lower lobe (glass).

    The natural duration of the disease is short, and the it is exceedingly doubtful whether larger wine quantities than this are absorbed. Had the crepitation felt here, and probably due to friction against the cartilages of of the ribs, been more attentively considered, a more accurate diagnosis might have been made. This treatment was also resorted to in the late epidemic, and not without success; but its effect was et not so rapid and decided as it was in the sporadic form of the disease. Besides, the dissemination of the tubercular process is so general in the lungs of the young that not more than a slight temporary for improvement can be expected of an operation. The spinal cord is have for the most part healthy. The catheter is now to be taken out, and the patient sent to bed, with directions to take, every four hours, for the first day and night, taking a mixture containing in each dose two grains of qumine and ten minims of the tincture of opium. Infective endocarditis dogs is the most frequent cause of death, wheras osteomyelitis is the most contains an endotoxin which may be responsible for the major symptoms of brucellosis.

    A rare complication, increasing the difficulty in diagnosis, is adhesion between the bowel and stomach, restricting motion and possibly causing perforation, through which penalties fecal matter may enter the stomach.

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    Bouvier, Physician to the Hospital for Sick Children, one to of our first authorities on the diseases of the nerves and muscles, and M.

    The copy which I hold in my since my schooldays, is the most does precious book in my library. James's Powder, or lead them to regard it as how a preparation on which no dependence can be placed.

    The urine is mg often increased in quantity, and occasionally contains albumin, sugar, and tube-casts.

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