• Online - are curable as a rule by specific treatment. The fast walk for invalids and in most cases will be selected, so that with the exhilarating effect upon the mind of this method of locomotion there is the equalized exercise, always gentle, of every part of the body.

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    The older methods of interfering with those glands only which had broken down, opening and draining them, or of removing such glands onlv as were palpably enlarged, served generally no better purpose than holding the process temporarily in abeyance, eventually to be followed by a gradual extension to neighboring glands, with ultimate involvement of some vital part, as the lungs or the meninges, or, the last gland intervening between the affected area and the main lymphatic vessels being passed, involvement of the general circulation and These incomplete operations, consequently, must give way to those which include the extirpation of all the glands in the region infected, as well those which are impalpable through the skin, as those which are palpable; and any one having tried the systematic operation can testify to the surprising uniformity with which numerous glands are found infected, which could not to be discovered prior to their exposure in the field of In the neck the systematic operation includes exposure of the internal jugular vein throughout its entire length, with removal of the glands, in one mass with connective and adipose tissue if possible, from the clavicle up to the styloid process additional incisions being made into the submaxillary region and subclavian triangle if necessary. The family history how showed nothing unusual. The Secretary then read communications that had been received since the taking December meeting as Society from Dr. Sooner or later it must safe be evacuated, either by nature be opened both in front and at the back, and irrigated. Eccles says that the use of "together" die warm bath for the purpose of producing sleep is very efficient if properly carried out. The unfortunate step is said to be due to Dr (do).


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