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    In cases where delicate family affairs what are revealed by the insane, strict secrecy should be the rule. By the aid of the microscope we have learned rock tliat the ulcers in typhoid fever are due to the removal of tissue; and the Photographic Series of the Army Medical Museum shows conclusively that, when a ball strikes a bone, it sometimes breaks it, and occasionally comminutes it, and also that it does not necessarily penetrate it. (See Beale on Urinary Deposits.) The two following cases of diabetes mellitus are taken from our notebook as typical of the two anxiety great classes into which all diabetic diseases are man of the whitish type, the increase in weight coinciding with the development of the diabetic symptoms. For the last six or eight months it had become memory more and more troublesome, till recently involuntary discharges have frequently occurred. Both should therefore be treated as common witnesses, and be closely gbl cross-examined. In this, the application of "loss" a bit of ice at first, in a test tube, and then of cold water merely to one foot, was followed immediately by a remarkable slowing of the circulation, and finally by a complete stasis of the same, in the observed part of the opposite web. The expectoration was of a peculiar character; it was copious, somewhat frothy, "sind" bloody, purulent, and rather tenacious.


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    PROFESSOR OF NERVODS AND MENTAL DISEASES IN THB POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL school; VISITING PHYSICIAN TO THE There is no symptom or disease whose cause how demands more careful investigation that its relief may be encompassed than headache, and before we can speak legitimately of its treatment we must enter with some detail into its mode of occurrence, causation, and pathogenesis.