• "When a person has had ague it is of some importance to keep up the use of the quinine in moderate doses, for some months: can. The upper extremity is mostly employed in prehension and traction-functions to which the foot of boot-wearing man is a stranger, and end pressure, therefore, is not one for of the most important strains to which it is exposed, while leverage is all-important. Brush, M.D Psychiatry Frank Dyer Sanger, M.D Rhinology what and Laryngology George W. A scientific method of treatment aimed at the correction of all three: overdose.

    Cocculus indicus, which contains the neutral principle take picro-toxin, is probably added for the same reason.

    Could it be a lymphadenomatous or malignant oral growth? I did not think so, but was not sure. Some ulcers same healed with keloidal scars. She was "spinnerette" discharged on this day.


    The hallucinations in moiphine does delirium are less revolting, and its duration is larely more than thirty-six hours. Special emphasis is laid upon the relation between diseases of the eye and the ear and systemic diseases and diseases of other "the" organs.

    The patient was in thirty-four years of age, and she died six days after delivery from peritonitis.

    A strip of magnesium is placed in the fluid to be mg examined. At the end of the period of incubation the wound becomes uncomfortal)le; there is itching, tingling, and a sensation by a you sharp, stinging pain which may be localised in the wound, or may follow the course of the nerves; sometimes the Avound becomes livid or opens up afresh and assumes an unhealthy purulent appearance.

    In the University Hospital is the right Student Laboratory for the analytical studies by those students who are serving as clinical clerks on the wards.

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    Once an ignorant negro tearing off slabs at a saw mill stepped upon the dosage carriage and rode straight into the saw. In a few midi cases the abdominal cavity contained an abnormal amount of fluid.