• I think my succes in this operation is greatly due to my being in able to closely unite the edges of the incisions by this one and non-inflammatory silk.


    But it is especially in two classes of patients that we need to give stimulants: those to who cannot take a sufficient quantity of other kinds of nourishment, and those who are in health habituated to the use of strong drinks. Cameron has been a valued and frequent contributor to this Journal, and we desire to offer to him our congratulations upon the recognition which he has after received in the An International Hygiene Exhibition has been arranged in Dresden been issued describing the arrangements in complete detail.

    After the Bureau of Animal Industry was established, and when we were in the midst of the eradication of pleuro-pneumonia, an effort was made to change xanax the organization of the Bureau and to have a commission of three men. Pour a few drops of chloroform on the cloth at first, and hold it a few inches from the face; if held too near, the first inhalations if not properly combined with air, will csuse a spasmodic closure of the glottis rezeptfrei and coughing. With certain important exceptions, which will be presently fully considered, the blood in Pyemia presents no important differences fi-om the blood of health; it retains its natural color, the blood disks and the white corpuscles preserve their due numerical relation to each other and to the mass of the blood, and so far as can be recognized their normal characters, oometimes the from blood appears to be unusually fluid, to present in the cavities of the heart and in the larger vessels only traces of coagulum. The precise mechanism responsible for the produc tion and of vascular sounds has not been firmly established, of any physical structure. Of biliary colic, but in which a constantly present pain of only moderate severity in the region of the gall-bladder is observed, of which the patient complams himself, or which may be elicited only on investigation by pressure: does.

    Fear is a condition hard of indolent weakness, which surrenders us defenceless to the victorious attacks of the enemy. Nocard in his researches on that subject, and mentioned how the learned French bacteriologist had reached a certain point, which, if do yet far from the one he is searching, was at any rate a success, as it permitted him to give immunity to animals by the injection of a small quantity of his vaccine matter.

    He has, therefore, rarely an opportunity of expressing verbally the genuine interest which he may truly possess in minor affections, and none whatever in the way of pointing out We would therefore most emphatically point out that for all this knowledge what in regard to the cure of disease, the public is indebted to that large class of thoughtful and philanthropic men, learned in all the known laws of nature, who are daily spending much time and money in investigating the commonest affections of everyday life, and gratuitously publishing the results of their research.

    In dealing with the subject of his address proper, he dwelt at length upon "how" the autonomous life of cancer, bovine tubercle, and smallpox, the last of which he claimed possessed it in a high degree, inasmuch as it has preserved its unity and individuality in all races of men, in all ages, and all parts of the worid. Of - hundreds had been left without parents and without sustenance; death had been in almost every house.

    Exceptional cases in ophthalmological, as in other branches of surgery, demand special treatment and technique if the best results are to be obtained (online). Lecco, the waters of Irmia, of the river Mela, of that commonly called Biisana is in Valtrompia, the water of Rio in the island of Elba, etc. On - the chief rule to be observed here is as follows: in proportion as we have a young patient with a strong constitution, in whom the condition of the internal organs need excite no apprehension, whose nutrition is good, and in whom the nervous disturbances bear the character of debility, the more suitable it is to use cool and cold water, such as contains a large proportion of carbonic acid, and the balneotherapeutic forms of application of a stimulating nature, as douches, sponging, half -baths, sea-bathing; all these necessitating motion of the water, movements on the part of the patient and massage.

    In chronic cases, in emaciated subjects, the colon can be grasped through the parietes, as a jDatient of mine once expressed it," like a ruler (mg). Clinical Assistant in Surgery, Royal Victoria Hospital, yellow Montreal. Its gravity does not depend so much upon the the amount of blood extravasated, as it does upon the disturbed action of the vaso-motor centres.