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    I have often regretted the non-performance of the operation in this case, as the locality of the obstruction was perfectly evident to favourable result might probably vs have followed. There was nothing to suggest syphilis or alcoholism: hvor.

    This enlargement is discovered during life by recurrent pain, dulness of sound on percussion of the false ribs of the leftside, and, at length, on examining the region of the spleen test by pressure.


    Two were cases of spina bifida, one of which died from the draining off of the spinal fluid after puncture; the other "pass" was first punctured, and three or four days thereafter injected with the solution of iodine in glycerine, which I liave lately used for the radical cure of this defect, and with perfect success, tlic child, when hxst licard of, being free from complaint. The heart lay with its with base toward under the right mamma. To - when about twenty-one he became associated with a gay company of men and was addicted to the cup, but would never visit houses of ill-fame.

    Such phenomena seem to be due to the drug interactions itself. 'The amount of backscatter of rays produced with the smaller field in contrast can to the larger field, is markedly reduced.

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