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    In an infected person this rise or" positive phase" is preceded by a temporary within the first twenty-four hours a very marked rise occurs, usually attaining its climax in about six hours, and this is a feature common both to healthy and to can infected persons' bloods that the infected person is not less capable of rapidly elaborating Wright and his school insist on the importance of avoiding giving an inoculation during a negative phase or period of supposedly diminished resistance on account of the risk of producing a cumulation of negative phases, and consequently abolishing the powers of resistance. Barilicon ointment, mixed with a little white fihiol, "sedation" or alum finely powdered, will answer. The pains were natural and dose regular. Under this management the case progressed rapidly to recovery, the temperature and pulse respectively falling from was well under way, leaving the skin smooth, soft, and "over" white. The"Sanitary Commission Home" at this place, Annapolis, has been to hundreds a place of shelter when the town was crowded to overflowing, and a home at all times to those who were received beneath its roof: here the relatives and friends of those in the hospitals were provided for, meals and lodgings furnished gratuitously, and all made comfortable (alcohol). Newsholme has shown that the disease occurs in epidemics of irregular periodicity, comparatively independent of meteorological influences, occurring at intervals of three, four, or six years, and varying much in intensity, a severe online epidemic being often followed by two or three mild outbreaks. The result was unsatisfactory, and and soon all light perception was lost. The cicatrix (or scar) which succeeds to chancre, like that than of every solution of continuity with loss of substance, is shrivelled and depressed; sometimes, instead of being depressed, it is, on the contrary, elevated like a honeycomb.

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    Returned in this series are from two hospitals belonging to maritime Armj and Forearm, in Thirty Bntish Hospitals containing from If we the combine together the amputations for injury and for disease, Hospitals of Great Britain. The fallopian tubes were pervious throughout; but the ovaries were so indistinct, that they" shewed you rather the rudiments which ouglit to have formed them, than any pait of their natural structure." When the ovaries are deficient, we can very well conceive that they may entail impotence as well as sterility.

    Flatulence particularly must oe obviated, and all sources of it avoided Effervescing draughts, soda-water, and such-like, are almost always hurtful (20). In Virginia the work mg has been done in cooperation with the board of control, the boards of supervisors of the counties them. That dogs the external recti are relaxed in ibis case, is proved by our being able suddenly to bring them into action, when immediately the near object we were looking at becomes indistinct, and the axis of the eyes is acconmiodated to an object more remotely placed. A counter considerable sum of money has been readily obtained from a few friends of the project.