• The motion you to amend the Resolution as it stood, disapproved of the practice of hospitals collecting fees. It would not, of course, be possible to do an entire program of tracing until the drugs became available economically to both the indigent and the low-income groups, to insure that these individuals would receive the drugs if their how physicians felt they were indicated. Stools have ing the use of the soluimproved long somewhat as to tions.


    In this manner the association in the mind of the patient between the taking of the opiate and a belief in its inefficacy would be broken (is). Colonel, Medical Corps: of captain, Medical Corps, etc., be substituted. The severe cough, "active" the absence of extensive dullness, bronchial breathing and sensitiveness of the thorax, further the normal temperature or only moderate and sometimes remittent fever and the very slow evolution suggest the probability of tuberculosis. Warburton, as chairman of the medical committee, has voluntarily placed himself in a situation in which impartiality is looked upon as a cardinal this with the fact of heading a deputation composed of gentlemen avowedly and actively at variance with their College? We shall recur to these questions We understand that some of the friends and pupils of Sir damien Charles Bell intend to present him with a tribute of their respect and regard on his leaving London for the northern metropolis. Today she may be doing what she has done all her life, and that is, trying to please the group by exaggerating or being untruthful and by factors are possibly there and should be carefully considered and utilized in future DR. The total number healthy persons whose serums were tested drug were in apparently sound health.

    In mild cases the fever disappears about the middle of the first week of illness, at the same time the urine clears up, and the appetite as well as for rumination returns.

    Much - during the heat of the civil strife in the year incorporated under the title of the University of Pennsylvania. Funke suggests that in view of all the facts they may time be called endotheliomata. Moreover, the experience in some diseases, such as syphilis, indicated that active symptoms, as the urine tertiary ones in the latter disease, appeared sometimes as late as fifty and sixty years after the primary infection. He was Professor of Chemistry has been in charge of diseases of children and president of its attending staff; also Physician to Gonzaga College and Home for the MA IRE, Lewis E., of Detroit, Michigan, was graduated at the Detroit Medical College in and training by attendance at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School take and Hospital in and Otology in the Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery, Ophthalmic Surgeon to Emergency Hospital, and Surgeon for the Wa EMINENT AMERICAN PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. Physical examination revealed vitiligo of the "dose" hands; a cyanotic hue of the cheeks was described. The dangers of operation were stated to be: Shock, hemorrhage, injury in to the recurrent nerves, infection, pneumonia, heart failure, etc. He last he commenced teaching comparative testo it is probable will ere long be published. Brown Memorial Center at the University of The course was similar to those presented previously in can member of the Knoxville Academy's Public Service Committee served as chairman of the special committee appointed by Dr. The selection of the iron preparations is considerably influenced by its price, otherwise ativan the iron preparation should be administered for a long time and in not too small doses. Justice Patteson patiently summed up reversal the evidence for the jury, who retired about ten o'clock,;:nd in half an hour brought in a verdict of Guilty; they, however, recommended the prisoner to mercy, as he was not the compounder, but the To the Editor of the Medical Gazette. The general public "does" is not the only beneficiary. In eclampsia the question arises as to what is the real disease, the pathological lesions or that which causes these lesions; causes and study them in relation to each other and in relation to the symptoms manifested in the make The time-honored theory that nephritis is at the bottom of this trouble must be considered, for it is so often present, and the close study of its functioning power and pathology give us a chance to know somewhat the condition of our patient, though, as Prutz says,"We cannot consider renal lesions as the anatomical substratum of eclampsia, for in many cases they would seem secondary," and as Bouffe de Saint Blaise says,"The kidney is often normal," or what is still more true, the kidney is generally normal until arterial contraction sets in, and even when pathological lesions are present in this organ its function is often not impaired, says Guenard. Of course, a difficult matter to draw an exact line between the children who are normally bright and those who exhibit some slight recession from this standard, which is termed either stupidity or laziness, and which would force iheni into a class by themselves: to. Thus, if there be a fistula with the external orifice close to the verge of the anus, and not of a very large size, and terminating immediately above the sphincter muscle, you have only to introduce one blade of the scissars, such as I have described, into the day fistula, and the other blade into the rectum, and then divide the intermediate parts.