• The combination of these conditions and processes, accompanied and initiated by carious and septic teeth, constitutes oral sepsis, as the speaker The harboring and propagating, the absorption and dissemination of the diplococcus on and the other germs concerned in rheumatic fever are easily accomplished under the condition of oral sepsis.

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    Should the what vitreous humour be very fluid, the ordinary scoop passed under would lie preferable. When the patient first presented himself, he was hale and hearty looking, suffering no pain whatever; and it was, after due examination and consultation, determined to perform excision of the rectum; but the disease progressed so rapidly, and the prostate and bladder appeared to be so adherent to the mass, that I considered it preferable to perform colotomy at once, instead of subjecting the patient to a partial operation, which could not mitigate suffering, only add to it, and eventually, if operative proceedings were had recourse to, render far more can serious steps necessary.


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    Matthews Duncan's Clinical Lectures and on. In them in early infancy; and Hoeffner asserts, that he has found them highly serviceable where the irritation proceeded from dysentery: online. It serves as a traveUng floor for the jaws to in their extensive excursions out of and into the buccal cavity.

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    But we have learned that curettage is an incorrect term to use in describing the instrumental exploration of the uterine ca'vity in cases sobril of infection. Dose - the special requirement is met, in every way, by the new principle of collective investigation of disease, if carried out in the sys tem already in working order, thanks to the energj- of the special committee appointed for the purpose. In normal blood Cabot gives the proportion of large lymphocytes as being from four In nineteen counts, made in the twelve cases, the small lymphocytes averaged eighteen per cent, of how all leucocytes.

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