• To obtain serum-albumin from serum its serum-globulin must does first be separated. The moderate altitude, compared to other for similar resorts in the region, is in their favor. Meanwhile, the neuroblasts have migrated to the ectal surface and give rise to the two ganglia ( vestibuli and cochlea;) from which The transformations of the epithelium in the formation of the organ of Corti are out of place here, but obey laws history of the can spongioblasts elsewhere. Long was what has been called a doctor of is the"old school." I have often wondered, beside the compliment implied, exactly what was meant by that expression. All growth takes place in this well-nourished same circle, all new cells are formed here, and the cells in the middle are the oldest._ It may be regarded as analogous to the rete Malpighii of the skin. It may be slight, involving only the rupture of minute vessels, or it may tear the muscular fibres, 5mg or wound a large blood vessel.

    For example, lactic acid prescription has been lauded in the treatment of tuberculous larvngitis, and has been thought by some to bo almost specific in its working.

    In - the presence of entozoa, or of any pre-existing focus of disease in the brain, is also an etiological factor. I tried not and only to outline the theory, but also the objections to it. The' mg iflandular structures, as well as the hair follicles, may become atrophied or even entirely desti-oyed in the more chronic forms of the disease.


    But we how have arrived at a state of confusion as regards its connotation in therapeutics.

    Get - startiu on the treatment of, Uisemic atfections of the intestinal canal. Or, if we call one disease pleurisy, and another intercostal rheumatism, we mean something more than the exact description of the tracts invaded by disease, and imply that Bryonia is to be given in no the one case and Arnica in the other. This compression need not be constant, but should be maintained for several minutes at a time at frequent intervals buy during the twenty-four hours. An odor which cannot be removed may be more or less effectually disguised by oil of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom seeds, cloves, pimenta or gargle blå when the foetor is due to organic destruction of tissue. And also ok by some patients, to give rise to exacerbations of the disorder, when once it has been established, but we hiive no evidence to show that the actual exciting cause of the disease has not been present when theae exacerbations have come on, apparently through exposure to light. In both varieties take headache is usually present in the earlier stages, in most cases of a very intense character and referred to any part or the whole head. On tlie contrary, when the renal blood contains only a minimum of them and a you maximum of water, the urine becomes pale, less dense, and very copious.

    Beers, (motion pictures and to lantern slides).

    Stay - the siu'face of the tumour on section became convex, had a nacreous aspect, and gave the idea of the growth being fibrous. These were spat "much" up by a man who had been ill a year, and who had been every few days spitting up similar fragments which were likened by the patient to"pipes of maccaroni," having the appearance of a mould of the bronchial tubes down to their minutest ramifications.

    For this purpose, however, the study of tumors is much less valuable than that long of other brain lesions, such as, for example, localized softening; for their limits are irregular, and their effects, through transmission of pressure, often diffuse themselves in structural or functional changes far beyond these visible limits.

    An atrophy of the mucous membrane, smooth pigmented dots at the site of the follicles, scars residting from healed ulcers, or some other structural evidence of the "overdose" process still remains. While it is recosnized that the same etiological factors mav produce similar the acute and the chronic catarrhs of the intestine, and REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDIOAL SCIENCES, that at times it is difficult to determine the exiict parts involved, yet, as tlie symptoms referable to the one or other part of the intestine vary to some extent, and as the treatment must necessarily differ accordingljr, it may he wise to use tlie term enteritis, as will be done in this article, as applying to online the small intestine, the term colitis being used for the affc'Ction of the colon, and ileo-eolitis IVir tlie combined involvement of the two.