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    The construction of this what hospital has met with many difficulties. This act on their part has come as no surprise, for we are by now accustomed to the autocratic action of the Council; yet" it can seems scarcely decent that motions carried almost unanimously at a full meeting of the Corporation should be overruled after what can at the most have been but a hurried discussion on the part of the Council, seeing the amount of business The College Council" trust that these questions will now be allowed to rest," for" they deem it best, in the interests of the College, that the discussion on the subjects which have been in dispute should close with the grant of the Supplemental Charter." Truly an impotent conclusion; the subjects are still in dispute, unless the Council agree that the Members have convinced them of the justice of their claims, for the Members have not been silenced by any of the frothy occasional utterances of the Council. Hyslop's spirit promises the completion of a manuscript left unfinished on his death and the remaining portion will be transmitted thru the collaboration of a like medium. If one then, with moderate force, completely flexes the pronated forearm, hoge it may easily be felt that the belly of the biceps muscle remains soft and flabby. Hope of recovery pregnancy should never be abandoned until the worst stage of collapse is reached.

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    It is curious how to see how Empedocles was led as much astray by his experimental work as by pure theory.

    The and late Sir Christopher D'Oyly, Bart., Oxfordshire. Horse serum may be for of value, and In two Instances I have used diphtheria antitoxin when the horse serum was not Immediately available. This case was peculiar in that it consisted of one centjal branch of the temporal, which was dilated to the thickness of the little finger, and was folded and refolded on itself in its you course from the ear nearly to the vertex. The changes are essentially progressive, the coronary arteries are liable hyper to become involved, and with the development of myocarditis compensation fails.

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