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    Uric acid, excess of: Kali mur., Silicea: get. Many patients high utilize naturopathic physicians as their"family physician" and use the services of MD's when the services of a specialist or a surgeon is required.

    So also "together" towards his medical confreres, his loyalty and kindness were never in doubt.

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    The foUomng are some of the forms in which it may be used (de). Rational Treatment of Diabetic Acidosis A THOROUGH familiarity with the how means now at our disposal for treating diabetic acidosis, a knowledge of"what,""when,""how much," and"why" in the use of each therapeutic agent, and a method of evaluating the condition of the patienc and of following the progress of treatment, these all are to be embodied in our somewhat arrogant title of"rational treatment." It is far from our purpose to submit another"system" or"plan," for, system is bad without individualization to meet the special needs of the particular patient. The six-meter distance only is used in order to have it at our disposal an eye in which the accommodation is not acting.


    When he had for rea.son to know that his deception was discovered by another physician, he became abusive in the extreme, instead of asking for concealment, with a promise that the malingering should cease. We may add that, if that precaution were still further extended, requiring landlords to furnish, in all cases, certificates from tlie local board of health that the houses rented were in a proper sanitary condition, with a heavy penalty anxiety attached to its non-fulfillment, it would awaken to a sense of duty certain individuals who never arrive at that condition until forced by the law.

    This was continued regularly for four years, during which time the attacks decreased in frequency (but not of in intensity), so that they did not recur oftener than once a week, and occasionally the interval was two weeks. During epidemics of intluenza all dental diseases are liable to assume a lower, graver, and more adynamic type; lo in live.

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    On congenital tistube alcohol of tbe trachea. An ingenious tise of levers, whereby the seats are automatically raised into position as tho lower stretcher trays are folded back, eliminates the fault of is low seats for this service.

    (Erster Nachtrag zum der Stiramgabelschwingungen und Bestimmung der Horschiirfe nach richtigen do Proportionen mit Hiilfe desselben. If this term must be preserved (and we see no necessity for it), we would confine it to the symptoms (you). This is especially true in the prepuberty and pubertv When clinical activitv exists, treatment consists does essentially of bedrest, proper nutrition, avoidance oi tuberculous contact, symptomatic treatment as required, and. A jury found that" death was due to an overdose of morphine in the shape of chlorodyne." We have take already intimated tliat we doubt whether it will be found that such unrestricted sale of poisons unlabelled is lawful even now, and even with the stamp They are, of cour.se, not" patent" medicines, for the essence of their character is that the composition is not specified, but is only protected by being concealed.