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    You - berlin: Urban To every specialist, a careful study of the relation of his own specialty to other branches of medicine forms one of the most fascinating and fruitful features of his work.

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    The shoulder, like the hip, is a ball-and-socket joint, but unlike the hip, the socket is very shallow, so that the head of the humerus in the very free motion permitted easily rolls over the edge and becames dis located; as a matter of fact dislocation at the shoulder joint is many times more frequent than at all the other joints of the body put together, so that in obscure injuries to the shoulder we always The arm is that portion of the upper extremity which lies between the shoulder and elbow; like the thigh it contains but one bone, the consists of the head and the tuberosities, the anatomical neck lying between the two, and the surgical neck being the constricted portion of the shaft just below the tuberosities; the surgical neck is so called because it is "take" the part most frequently broken. The King, by this charter (as interpreted by decision of the Courts), delegated to, or conferred upon, the Magistrates and Town Council the character of and patron and founder of this new seminary of education.

    No compare subdivision of the subject is of greater importance than that relating to intestinal surgery, and inasmuch as many of its problems are still held sub judice, every contribution upon this subject is gladly welcomed. The sources of information concerning the dream theory are the book "zyrtec" called"Traumdeutung," now in its second edition, not yet translated;"Ueber den Traum," a more or less popular exposition found in one of the series published in"Grenzfragen des Nerven und Seelen Lebens" issued by Loewenfeld and Kurella; and scattered references to dream interpretation found throughout the whole Freudian literature.

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