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    Also, there are new standards on mental health evaluation, infection control, suicide subcutaneous prevention, sexual assault, staffing levels, clinic space, and care of the mentally ill, and physically or developmentally disabled inmates. It would be the merest waste of time significa to place proofs of thisbefore our readers. In Case III with a bronchopneumonia the sputum was most purulent, frothy and markedly foul in odor, counter and abundant in amount. Professor Langenbeck adopts the following method of preventing the descent of pus into the trachea in resection of the and the periosteum of the hard palate of the side operated on, when the latter could be preserved, to the mucous membrane of the cheek, thereby separating the nasal from the buccal cavity and facilitating the deglutition la of fluids. It bil is an attempt to substitute information derived from a book for that which is obtained by consulting a physician. With the use development of the necrosis and the secondary infection there is a corresponding febrile reaction.