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    Neuralgia may attack any of the sensory nerves, as well those supplying the viscera as those distributed to the "valium" skin.

    The strongest objection against cremation was the sentimental one; the fear of offending the feelings of relatives and friends, the mix disinclination at a time of bereavement and sufforing to depirt from ordinary routine or custom. They are acting upott' their charter, they are elected by charter under the rights which are conferred upon tLe Fellows in the charter, and I apprehend,' yet, standing upou their strict legal position, they think they could' not have granted us any rights "when" until they had altered their charfer.J' But they could have done this it' they had considered our application But, however, the Cjuncil have thought fit not to do so. Hypochondriasis is almost invariably connected with dyspepsia, and is doubtless often produced by how it; though some physiologists consider the seat of the disease to be in the brain. They penetrate the substance of the lungs, become smaller and as smaller (sometimes not exceeding the fiftieth of an inch in diameter), the air-cells, or air-vesicles, communicate with the external air.


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