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    In"java, the juice is used externally and internally in cutaneous affections; and "counter" the Hindoos consider it as a valuable remedy in ophthalmia, rubbed on the tarsi, or dropped in the eye. Jledicines which test aff'ect the spleen, as quini.a, n SPLENIZATION. Sheep exhibit premonitory symptoms, such as slow and languid movements, apparent stupor, deficient or lazy rumination, and slight heaving of the flanks; they then, of a sudden, become perfectly motionless as they stand; with insensibility of hearing; immovable and insensible eyes; dilated pupils; or even purple hue of the conjunctiva and interior vt the nostrils (which are dilated); tottering of the limbs on attempting to move; thick, gurgling, or snoring respiration, and legal a full, hard (distensive), pulse; sometimes the pulse is impeded, confluent, slow, and full; lastly, the animal oscillates, and finally falls; the struggle which ensues is but of short duration.


    The disease is most common in females, and is influenced by of heredity and age; it is rare for it to occur after forty years of age.

    Buy - inoculation for the cattle plague failed for the same reason that the inoculation with small-pox matter failed, that many cases proved fatal.

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