• Edington claimed to have shown that Heartwater and African Horse-sickness were the same disease, or different phases of one disease, but this view was strongly combated by Theiler and Stockman, who were cause able to bring forward very convincing reasons for not accepting such an hypothesis. If all these means fail, then inject the uterus thrice daily with either tepid solutions of creolin,or boroglyceride and being it careful that it all escapes, keeping the patient under the influence of opium and the uterus under bactericides. The Nevj York Medical Journal, in commenting on the proposed Act, professes much surprise at such a"radical," of policy in the management of this group of the city's hospitals, and hastens to assure its readers that if, by chance, they thought it was interaction to be made in order to remove these hospitals from the sphere of"practical politics," the fact has not become generally known that they were suffering There are more ways than one to account for facts not being generally known; but it is not the past management of these hospitals that is under discussion, but their possibilities under a liberal, untrammeled board of trustees of wisely selected unsalaried men, with perhaps one medical man among the seven.

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